Capillus RX 312 LLLT Lasercap


The Capillus RX 312 LLLT lasercap is trusted by physicians for its ability to regrow hair is backed by clinical studies. Capillus RX 312 LLLT lasercap is a portable low-level laser therapy device. It is used to treat thinning hair due to genetic conditions like androgenic alopecia and can be used preventatively to stop the progression of hair loss.

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How Can LLLT Benefit You?

The Capillus RX 312 LLLT lasercap uses healing laser diodes that emit light waves that stimulate a biological process below the surface of the skin. The infrared light of the laser increases cellular energy. This type of laser is referred to as “cold” because it does not cause any thermal change to the skin tissue. These types of lasers are safe for long-term use. Some of the benefits of low-level laser therapy include increased cellular energy by up to 150%.

LLLT stimulates cell repair and proliferation, increasing the reproduction of hair and skin cells. It also helps activate dormant hair follicles, upregulating growth factors and stimulating new growth. Additionally, Capillus boasts anti-inflammatory effects. It’s helpful for men and women who experience hair loss because one of the causes is thought to be inflammation of the hair bulbs.

Devices like the Capillus RX 312 LLLT lasercap promote increased hair growth, as well as increased thickness of the individual strands. The current standard treatments for hair loss include topical treatments such as minoxidil and finasteride which come in both topical and oral medications. Current research indicates that the best results for hair growth are achieved when multiple complementary treatments are applied. For example, using minoxidil and/or finasteride in conjunction with the CapillusRX312 will increase your odds of achieving the full head of hair you’ve been longing for.

Reducing the Capillus Cap Cost For You

If you compare it with the cost of hair transplantation, the Capillus 312 LLLT lasercap is considerably more affordable. It also has the advantage of providing the customer with the most minimal time commitment of any laser cap. Many of its competitors require 20 minutes or more for treatment, while the Capillus only requires 6 minutes per day. You can expect to see increased hair growth anywhere between 12 to 26 weeks into a regular treatment routine.

Laser Cap Me is offering an instant rebate to customers who participate in our before and after study. The Capillus RX 312 lasercap normally costs $3,500, plus tax. We are offering an instant rebate of $1,000 to customers who are willing to regularly document their transformation with photos. These photographs will be shared on our website in order to demonstrate the efficacy of LLLT with the CapillusRX 312.

We are confident this device can help solve many common hair loss woes. Check out our testimonials to learn more about how Capillus has impacted the lives of our happy customers. You can also look through our Before and After gallery to see some of the amazing transformations our customers have experienced through regular LLLT treatments with the CapillusRX 312. We would love for you to be the next person to experience healthy hair transformation thanks to the CapillusRX312.

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