The Capillus RX 312 is the most sought-after laser cap with good reason. Capillus is the most powerful laser cap device. It contains the highest concentration of prescription-grade lasers of any laser cap available on the market today. Furthermore, Capillus RX312 has been shown to be effective in clinical trials. As a result, it’s sold by many doctors and hair clinics that specialize in hair restoration. As we look closer at the features of the Capillus RX 312 it is easy to see why it’s the best choice if you are considering low-level laser therapy to treat thinning hair or hair loss.

The Capillus comes with a 5-year warranty and features unmatched by its competitors. This includes a short, 6 minute treatment time. This device can improve hair growth, and prevent further hair loss. A recent double-blind study found on shows just how effective the Capillus RX 312 can be.

After just 16 weeks, 95% of the participants who worked with the non-placebo device saw increased hair growth. They also noticed an improved density of 51%. On top of that, there are no adverse side effects. These are the results of the best lasercap on the market. Needless to say, this device is priced higher than others because it’s a top-tier laser cap, but don’t be fooled. It’s worth it to get a lasercap that works.

The Best Offer on Capillus 312 Available Anywhere

Laser Cap Me has the best offer on Capillus RX 312 anywhere. Don’t believe us? The average manufacturer-suggested retail price (MSRP) of the Capillus is around $3,500 which is no small expense. However, at Laser Cap Me we are offering our customers significant savings on this product through a special Before and After photo rebate. 

Customers that participate in our Before and After photo study are eligible for a rebate of $1000, giving you significant savings compared to other retailers. By participating in the Before and After photo challenge you agree to document your progress with the Capillus RX 312 by taking regular photos of your hair.

This documentation is really helpful for future patients so they can get an idea of the type of results that are typical for people who use the Capillus. It is also really great for the individual using the Capillus RX 312 because they are able to see how much progress they have made over time. Sometimes when you’re looking in the mirror every day, it can be hard to know whether or not changes are actually happening, especially with something like hair restoration, because it is a slow progress. By documenting your hair restoration journey with photos you are able to see for yourself how your hair is changing and regrowing.

Why You Should Purchase Capillus 

We understand that making the decision to purchase the Capillus RX 312 is a big one. After all, it’s a big expense. If you’ve been suffering from hair loss for a while, you may have already wasted money on hair treatments and products that haven’t worked for you.

Don’t feel bad, unfortunately, there are a lot of unscrupulous companies that prey on the insecurities of hair loss sufferers and deliver false hope with advertisements that promise unattainable results. You may be skeptical that this device will be any different. Take some time to read customer reviews, look at the before and after photos, and read the clinical studies, and you will see that this device is the real deal.

No other laser cap compares to the Capillus RX 312 in terms of quality and effectiveness. Many popular devices only have a small fraction of the number of lasers that the Capillus does. Others boast about having LED lights as a feature, even though there is no evidence to support that LED lights contribute to increased hair growth.

More About Laser Cap Hair Restoration

Laser caps are medical devices and must be tested at multiple stages of production to ensure that the laser diodes are emitting a light frequency that is helpful for hair growth and not harmful. Many laser cap devices are ineffective because they simply do not have a high enough concentration of quality lasers. In extreme cases, non-FDA cleared laser caps can emit light frequencies that could irritate your scalp or cause increased damage or hair loss. Needless to say, any perceived savings that you think you may be getting in the short term by purchasing a generic laser device is not worth the potential risks and consequences.

With low-level laser therapy with the Capillus RX 312, you can keep all your existing hair, plus the Capillus will prevent any further progression of hair loss, so long as you use it consistently. If you stop using the Capillus RX 312 your hair loss will continue after a few months. If you stay consistent with treatments, it will take time and patience but within the first year of regular treatments, you can expect to see significant results.

When working with the Capillus it’s important to remember that in the first 3 months of treatment you may experience increased hair shedding. There’s no need to be alarmed. This is a sign that the device is working. All the old hairs are falling out to make room for new growth to emerge. As the new hair grows in you may notice that the hair is stronger, shinier, and less prone to breakage. You may even notice that your hair is less prone to going gray. This is due to the Capillus stimulating melanin production in the follicle.

Capillus Works With Hair Transplants 

Low-level therapy with the Capillus RX 312 is a great treatment to consider as an alternative to hair transplantation. Not only is it completely pain-free and non-invasive, but it is also a lot less expensive than hair transplant surgery. Hair transplant surgery is an outpatient procedure that can take as long as 10-12 hours. This depends on the number of hairs transplanted and the type of hair transplant performed.

With FUT procedures, healing time takes a little bit longer. That’s because donor hairs are removed from the back of the head by incision. A small piece of the scalp is removed before the donor area is sutured. While FUE transplants have a faster healing time, they will require you to shave your hair at the donor area in order to harvest the individual follicular grafts. If you enjoy wearing your hair long and don’t want to lose any length, that procedure may not feel like the best choice for you. 

Even if you do decide to undergo hair transplantation surgery or work with hair loss medications such as minoxidil, laser therapy with the Capillus RX 312 can help to boost the efficacy of those treatments. The Capillus RX 312 is completely safe to use once you’ve completed your initial post-surgery recovery. Use in conjunction with topical medications like minoxidil, also known as Rogaine. Whether or not you decide to incorporate hair transplantation or medication into your treatment plan, the Capillus RX 312 will deliver results.

The Best Offer on Capillus 

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