Many companies try to sell “laser caps” that use LED light instead of lasers. Sometimes, they’ll tell you their product contains LEDs and not lasers. However, that’s not always the case. Often times, they will lie about it and sell worthless LED light devices to make a quick buck and move worthless products. One of the worst offenders is China and online resellers that choose to do business with fraudulent “laser cap” producers.

Please Don’t Be Fooled!

Long story short, NO! LED light does not stop balding. Additionally, LED light WILL NOT help you regrow your lost or thinning hair. There has been nothing proven to show that LED light will assist you in any way with hair recovery. Only specially-tuned laser diodes like those found in the Capillus lasercap can help you restore your hair.

Many companies will try to sell LED light caps claiming they will offer similar results to those with LLLT capabilities. However, this is simply untrue. There has been no scientific proof shown that LED light can offer the results that low-level laser therapy can. Unfortunately, this hasn’t stopped many online retailers from selling worthless, misleading products. Some may even try to trick their customers, resulting in wasted money and possible side effects caused by poorly-made products.

The Difference Between Laser and LED Light

There are significant differences between LEDs and lasers. These include the power generated, specificity of wavelength, and the physical characteristics of the beam generated from the diode.

Laser light is unique because it’s monochromatic, coherent, and collimated. Monochromatic means that there is a single wavelength which stimulates particular human tissues. This will only respond to a very specific wavelength being utilized. Coherent means that it minimizes the photon scatter as light interacts with the tissue. And, because lasers have a higher power that works with a specific wavelength, they are collimated; meaning it can actually reach the deep tissues.

While LED light does have application in medicine (such as pain management), there is no proof LEDs will encourage hair growth. Superficial conditions including scars, pockmarks, and acne are best treated with LED light. However, this has little application to hair restoration. This is true for both men and women.

LEDs emit a small band of wavelengths, but not a single, specified one. LED light does not emit heat. In other words, only energy is emitted from the lights. This makes it tougher to reach desired, targeted tissues in the body, and this only works if the LEDs are of a medical grade. Therefore, it is less valuable overall.

Ultimately, LED lights are not a good choice to combat your hair loss. Choose the therapeutic choice of doctors all over the country. LLLT has been proven to stop hair loss and to regrow lost hair. We simply can’t say the same for LEDs. Make the smart choice and start your hair restoration journey with the Capillus 312 laser cap.

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