If you’ve been struggling with hair loss, you’ve probably looked at or tried every product under the sun. Shampoos, supplements, hair oils, you name it. Perhaps you’ve kicked around more effective options, but maybe you’re concerned about how effective these options will be on your African American hair. Have you considered the Capillus 312?

Capillus for African American Hair

The Capillus 312 looks like a baseball cap, but underneath is actually a cutting-edge, mobile laser hair growth treatment. Laser caps like the Capillus 312 are popular and affordable treatments for hair loss. They make great substations or additions to hair transplant procedures. These laser therapy caps use low-level red or infrared photons to stimulate hair follicles in the scalp and promote healthy hair growth.

Sounds great, but does the Capillus 312 work on African American hair? Yes. Don’t worry, laser hair therapy has been used to successfully treat hair loss in African Americans for years. In fact, there have been no studies to indicate African Americans should experience lesser results using Capillus 312 RX than those with other hair types.

Lasercap can help regrow African American hair

Capillus Reviews

It does not take long to locate internet reviews testifying about the effectiveness of the Capillus 312 on African American hair. One reviewer of an earlier and less powerful model said, “I’m so glad I purchased it. Also, I’m an African American and it does work for us as well. I also confirmed that with the company.”

The Capillus 312 is far superior to the earlier model used on that individual’s African American hair. In fact, it’s the highest quality laser cap on the market. It sports “an industry-leading 312 diodes,” providing significantly more scalp coverage than any other Capillus laser cap to date. That’s 40 more lasers than the Capillus 272 Pro. Older models required 30-minute sessions, but the Capillus 312’s laser therapy sessions take only 6 minutes per day to see results!

Some say it may even work better for people with darker skin tones than for people with lighter skin tones because denser pigmentation absorbs more light energy, which is what the Capillus 312 uses. A paler scalp may not receive the red or infrared photons as well as your scalp. So bonus points on that one!

Ask Your Physician About African American Hair & LLLT

When it comes to hair restoration, it’s always best to consult your local experts to see what they say about your specific hair situation and what will work best for your hair. Many such places offer free consultations and will help you decide if a laser therapy cap is right for you. If so, the Capillus 312 is the best there is at this point in history. It’s going to be more effective than any other laser cap on any type of hair; therefore, it’s the best laser cap for African American hair.

If your hair center has laser caps but not the Capillus 312, then they don’t have the best there is. Make no mistake, anyone suffering from hair loss – whether African American hair, straight hair, frizzy hair, etc., deserves the best. The hair struggle is real. Fight it with the best LLLT laser cap on the market.

Where can you get the Capillus 312? Laser Cap Me, in conjunction with Best Hair Transplant in Redondo Beach, CA carries the top-of-the-line Capillus 312 and will be able to further discuss and properly evaluate any of your African American hair loss needs. Best Hair Transplant offers free virtual, email, and phone consultations, so even if you’re curious, don’t hesitate.

Hit up Laser Cap Me today and get your African American hair looking good as new!

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