The Capillus 312 mobile laser therapy is an LLLT mobile laser cap available to physicians and hair restoration patients. Consequently, it cannot be purchased directly from Capillus nor on standard distributor websites. Laser Cap Me is proud to offer you the best laser hair restoration device available.

Is the Capillus 312 Laser Therapy Device Right for You?

If your hair loss is due to heredity, Capillus laser therapy may be a great treatment option for you. Hair loss is a serious issue that affects millions of men and women around the world.

The most common type of hair loss is a result of your genes: androgenic alopecia (pattern baldness). It’s a progressive condition that worsens over time. Consequently, it contributes to nearly 98% of hair loss.

If you begin treatment during the earlier stages of progression, the Capillus 312 may stop further progression and help regrow your thinning hair.

How Does Laser Therapy Regrow Hair?

Just as light makes plants grow, it helps hair regrow. LLLT is based on the biological effects of photobiomodulation in living organisms. This has been shown to effectively stimulate and energize the cells withing hair follicles.

Hair loss in androgenic alopecia occurs through the process of miniaturization. In other words, hair follicles that were formerly producing healthy hairs. As a result, those hairs begin to produce thinner, shorter, more brittle hairs with weaker shafts. Finally, those hairs eventaully die and cease to produce hair permanently.

Capillus 312 laser therapy reverses the natural process of miniaturization on viable follicles. Additionally, the Capillus RX 312 lasercap allows you to regrow lost hair. As a result, it stimulates and energizes the cells within the hair follicle causing thicker healthier hair.

Clinically Proven Treatment

Capillus 312 has been independently-reviewed in double-blind clinical trials. These have been registered on and were managed by a neutral third party. Additionally, clinical trial data indicate that low-level laser therapy of the scalp every other day for 17 weeks with the Capillus 312 device, significantly improved hair counts by 51% in those study participants who used the active (non-placebo) device.

Subjects were able to use the device on a self-treatment home-use basis and no adverse events or side-effects were reported. Consequently, the Capillus 312 was proven to be a safe and effective treatment for androgenic alopecia.

Finally, the results of this study were recently published in a highly esteemed medical journal, Dermatological Surgery.

Benefits of Capillus 312

Discreet Therapy

You can wear your Capillus 312 without embarrassment, any time, anywhere. Treat your hair loss discreetly under the included sports cap, or use under any hat of your choice. This is the best choice of lasercap in the industry.

Excellent Coverage

Lasers work under the cap during your treatment session while you go about your everyday activities. This provides light energy to the hair follicles at the cellular level. This cap features all laser technology (Class 3a).

New Comfortable, Flexible Fit

As always, the soft, flexible interior of the device adapts to different head shapes and sizes. This makes Capillus 312 more comfortable than ever!

Fast Treatment, Any Time, Anywhere

Wear just a few minutes each day. That’s the time it takes to drink your morning coffee. Additionally, you can use it at home or on the go. Consequently, your hair restoration process becomes even more convenient.

  • 312 laser diodes
  • FDA-cleared
  • 6 minutes per day
  • 5-year warranty
  • 95% effective

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