If you’re searching for a drug-free or surgery-free option to restore thinning hair, the Capillus 312 RX may be the solution you’ve been searching for. It’s convenient, easy to use, and only requires 6 minutes of your time each day. Furthermore, with 312 LLLT laser light diodes, the Capillus 312 is the best laser cap on the market. Period!

The Best Laser Cap for Hair Restoration

This FDA-cleared Capillus 312 is a discreet, wearable, battery-operated device. It can assist with the restoration of hair and reverse hair loss caused by androgenetic alopecia. Capillus laser caps are cleared for use in both male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness. Whether you are experiencing lightly-thinning hair or you’re noticing hairline recession, the Capillus laser hat may be able to solve your hair loss issues.

The 312 laser diodes in the Capillus 312 provide nearly 5X the scalp coverage of the Capillus 82 model. As you can imagine, additional laser light and additional coverage deliver more optimal hair growth results. The Capillus 312 features a flexible fitting design, allowing for comfort of use.  Only 6 minutes a day can start the process of clinically proven laser therapy to restore thinning hair.

Additionally, Capillus 312 is a valuable addition to almost any hair restoration regimen. Whether you choose to use Minoxidil and/or Finasteride to increase hair growth, the Capillus 312 is a fantastic option to further growth. It can also help maintain the results of over-the-count and prescription hair restoration medications. Furthermore, Capillus 312 can help you see drastically better results when combined with FUT and FUE hair transplants. This makes Capillus a valuable tool anyone looking to combat or reverse hair loss.

When you order your Capillus laser hair loss hat, you’ll receive more than the laser cap. Your kit will include the following items Includes:

  • Capillus Laser Therapy Device
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
  • Adhesive Belt Clip for Battery Pack
  • Universal AC Adapter with 4 Interchangeable Input Blades for International Use
  • User Manual
  • A Capillus Branded Sports Cap
  • Lightweight Carrying Case
  • Accessory Pouch

The Best Laser Cap Money Can Buy

The best laser cap on the market? That’s a pretty bold claim. A tall order to fill. But Laser Cap Me stands by it. Forget about believing that Capillus 312 is the best cap on the market. We know it is!

First off, CapillusRX 312 is a prescription-grade LLLT laser cap. This means that it is only available from certain authorized sources. In other words, due to the power of this lasercap, you can be sure you are getting a device that is reserved for sale only by hair restoration clinics and related online retailers like Laser Cap Me. But there’s so much more!

Not only does the Capillus 312 laser hat contain the most diodes of any model available from Capillus, it also contains the most available anywhere! Seriously. There is no other model of laser cap on the market that has more diodes. Therefore, you can be sure you’re getting the most powerful laser hair cap available in the world. You read that right! Not just the country. The world!

Finally, Laser Cap Me is the only online retailer offering the Capillus 312 RX at a reduced cost of this magnitude. While other retailers charge $2,500+ for the lesser Capillus 272, Laser Cap Me is committed to bringing this wonderful technology to the masses. By agreeing to participate in our simple Before & After photo study, we guarantee your final cost will be the lowest price you can find online for a brand new Capillus 312 laser hair restoration cap.

$1,000 Cash Back on Your Capillus 312

Right now, Laser Cap Me is offering the best laser cap that’s made in the USA. But there’s more. Right now, Laser Cap Me is offering a $1,000 instant rebate on all Capillus RX 312 lasercap purchases. That’s right! You’ll instantly receive $1,000 cash back when you purchase the prescription-grade Capillus 312 laser cap when you agree to participate in our hair growth study.

All you have to do is participate in our Before & After picture study. And don’t worry. It’s super easy to do! Just contact us and we’ll guide you through the process. By participating, you’ll receive $1,000 cash back on your purchase of a genuine Capillus RX 312. By agreeing to participate in our Before & After hair restoration study, you’ll get the Capillus 312 laser cap for the best price you can find online. Guaranteed!

Again, this is the highest grade US-made LLLT device you can get. And you going to be saving $1,000 off the prices of the prescription-grade laser cap that’s not available on Amazon or eBay. If you’re interested, please get ahold of us and we’ll tell you how to save a ton of money and how to start restoring your hair without a surgical procedure.

Call Us for Your Capillus 312 Lasercap

Why wait? Contact us today to ask about the Capillus 312. If you’re not sure, call us so we can have a free virtual consultation with you to discuss your available options and how laser hair therapy may be beneficial for your unique hair loss situation and hair restoration goals.

Laser Cap Me offers better prices for the Capillus RX 312 laser hair restoration hat than you can find for a lesser grade device. If you participate in our Before & After study, you’ll receive the lowest price on the internet. Guaranteed! So what are you waiting for? Stop hair loss now! Contact us or visit our store to purchase your Capillus 312.

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