The Capillus 312 RX Laser Cap

The Capillus 312 RX laser cap can help you restore your lost hair. If you have been suffering from thinning hair or hair loss the Capillus 312 RX laser cap can help restore your lost hair, and prevent any further loss. If you have hesitations about going through any invasive procedure like a hair transplant to address your hair loss, the Capillus 312 RX may be the alternative you’ve been seeking. It is completely non-invasive, pain-free, and has no known adverse effects. Hair loss sucks, but your hair restoration treatment doesn’t have to.

In order to appreciate just how awesome the Capillus is, it’s helpful to have some background information about low-level laser therapy (LLLT). LLLT employs the use of red light lasers. These lasers have been shown to increase cell metabolism as well as circulation to the scalp by improving the health of the blood vessels. This supports the growth of thicker and stronger hair shafts. Because the sebaceous glands are also stimulated during LLLT, many users report a silkier texture to their hair as well. Another amazing thing that LLLT can do for your hair is that it triggers an increase in melanin production, which can darken any gray hair. These lights are essential the fountain of youth for your hair.

Don’t Be Fooled By Cheaper Devices – You Get What You Pay For

Keep in mind not all laser caps that employ LLLT are created equal. In order to ensure that you are receiving the benefits of LLLT, it is important that you are working with prescription-grade diodes. There are lots of poorly made laser cap products that employ laser diodes that have a weak output. Or worse, they use filler LED lights, which do not have any impact on hair growth whatsoever. The Capillus RX 312 has 312 prescription-strength laser diodes, the most of any laser cap product available in the market today.

The design of the capillus is easy to use. Additionally, treatments can be done completely hands-free. The cap is built with flexible, hypoallergenic material that feels smooth and comfortable, it will mold easily to the shape of your head. Wear it discretely under your favorite hat. Nobody will ever know. Even better, treatments only require 6 minutes a day! Most of our competitor’s products require at least 30 minutes.

A Great Non-Surgical Option

If you are nervous about undergoing a surgical procedure like FUT or FUE, the Capillus RX 312 is a great alternative treatment that is non-invasive. Even if you do decide to pursue hair transplantation in the future, the LLLT can make a great treatment to incorporate into your routine once you’ve healed from your surgery. LLLT will help your newly transplanted follicle grafts to establish themselves and grow more fully. The Capillus RX 312 will act as a preventative treatment, preventing thinning hair in the future. 

It is inevitable that hair follicles are subject to the effects of the aging process, losing some of their elasticity and strength over time. Changes in texture and color are also a completely natural part of the aging process. LLLT laser caps such as the Capillus RX 312 provide a low-risk option for slowing the signs of aging in the hair. The Capillus RX 312 can help restore a fuller more youthful appearance by supporting healthy hair growth.

But the real reason to be impressed with the Capillus RX 312 and the reason why it is the top tier when it comes to laser cap products is that it is the only laser cap product that has double-blind clinical trial data to back it up. Within the group of study participants that used the non-placebo device, 95% of the participants saw an increased hair count. Within just 16 weeks the average reported increased hair count was 51% more hair. These results are astonishing and offer a lot of promise to those who have been struggling with hair loss.

Get Your Capillus 312 RX Laser Cap

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If you’re curious to learn more, contact us to schedule a complimentary virtual consultation. We can discuss all the benefits of LLLT with the Capillus RX 312. You don’t have to live with hair loss. Begin your hair transformation today with the Capillus RX 312.

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