Using Capillus for Black Hair

Is it possible to use Capillus for Black hair? Absolutely! The benefits of laser therapy like Capillus for black hair are numerous. There is plenty of objective evidence that demonstrates that Black hair responds to the healing effects of the Capillus. This is true in much the same way as other hair types and textures.

While hair grows in different colors, textures, and patterns, the mechanisms that operate the hair growth cycle in the body are the same. Low-level laser therapy products such as Capillus laser caps support the growth of healthy hair.

How Capillus Works

Another term for low-level laser therapy is photobiomodulation therapy or PBMT. This is an alternative treatment for hair restoration therapy that involves the application of light from low-level lasers. According to decades of research, PBMT promotes wound healing. Additionally, it reduces inflammation and even repairs nerve damage. Just as there are healing benefits for the skin cells and other tissues, low-level laser therapy like the Capillus lasercap has been shown to benefit the health of the hair follicles. 

As we age, hair follicles age too, just like the other cells of the body age. Other factors such as underlying health conditions, hormone levels, stress, side effects from medication, heavy metal exposure, nutritional deficiencies, and damage from harsh hair treatments can all impact the health and proliferation of hair follicles over time. The hair’s natural cycle of growth, resting, and shedding can be disrupted, with hair being lost faster than its re-growing. PBMT affects the body by interacting with individual cells, jumpstarting the chemical processes that support cell health. Hair follicle cells then absorb the light put out by the Capillus.

This causes the cells to expel nitric oxide. This gas builds up inside of cells that have undergone stress from disease or injury. When a cell has accumulated a lot of nitric oxides, it is not able to take on as much oxygen. As a result, the release of nitric oxide assists the follicle cells in healing. This occurs across all hair types.

Research and Studies of Capillus for Black Hair 

Studies involving laser therapy have been done in order to better observe its effects on different skin types. The Fitzpatrick scale is used to rate skin types based on how they react to the sun and their potential for sunburn. The darker your skin, the higher you rate on the Fitzpatrick scale. The types are numbered I-IV, with types V and VI referring to light brown and black skin tones. Furthermore, this scale is also used to assess the effectiveness of low-level laser therapy on different skin types. 

Limited data is available due to the low number of Black participants in the study trials. However, no adverse effects occurred. Furthermore, the benefits of the treatment remained consistent across the board, regardless of skin tone or hair type.  In fact, there is emerging evidence that people with darker skin tones respond better to laser therapy. This is due to the fact that their denser pigmentation absorbs more light energy.

Either way, the biological processes that promote hair growth remain the same. The Capillus RX 312 has been clinically shown to promote reinvigorated hair growth and increased hair density in 95% of the study participants. Those numbers demonstrate that there is a high probability that you will see results from the Capillus.

Why Choose Capillus RX for Hair Growth 

There are many other reasons to consider Capillus as well. For starters, it is a completely pain-free treatment. You only need 6 minutes a day for treatment. Additionally, it can be worn discreetly under a baseball cap. Its design is comfortable, flexible, and made to fit many different-sized heads. Laser therapy is best used to revive dormant hair follicles. It cannot revive follicles that have already died. However, if your hair loss is so extensive that you require a hair transplant, the Capillus is a great way to encourage the newly transplanted follicles to thrive, after you’ve healed from the initial surgery of course. 

Capillus comes with the added benefit of no known side effects, unlike some other hair loss treatments. Some prescription medications such as finasteride come with the unfortunate side effect of preventing men from maintaining erections because of the way Propecia disrupts the formation of excess testosterone and DHT. Low-level laser therapy is a gentle, low-risk, effective treatment option to seriously consider. Regardless of your hair type or texture, if you’re struggling with hair loss or thinning hair, Capillus could be the solution for you.

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