The Capillus lasercap may help stop your hair loss. I know you’ve probably been bombarded with a million ads for supplements, products, and devices that are designed to stimulate hair growth. And to be honest, I personally get bombarded by these ads as well. All the time. As soon as we start doing research to write these articles, we get spammed by Google, YouTube, and Facebook instantly.

And if you’ve fallen victim to any cheap devices or poor-quality hair products, you may even feel like you’ve wasted money on overhyped promises that have failed to deliver. However, the Capillus lasercap is different and definitely worth considering. If you’re looking for a hair restoration treatment that will deliver visible results, try the Capillus lasercap.

Why the Capillus RX Lasercap Rocks! 

First, to understand why the Capillus is so amazing, it is important to understand a little bit about Low-Level Laser Therapy. LLLT for hair restoration uses red light lasers. It has been reported to increase cell metabolism and improve the health of the blood vessels in the scalp. This facilitates the growth of thicker and stronger hair shafts. Other benefits of LLLT include a silkier-looking hair texture, due to the sebaceous glands being stimulated by the lasers. LLLT also increases melanin production in the hair follicle, which can darken gray hair.

Sounds pretty amazing right? The key to the success of LLLT lies in the quality and strength of the lasers. The Capillus RX 312 boasts the highest number of prescription-strength lasers available in any lasercap product in the world right now. It has a discreet and hands-free design and the device fits under a casual baseball cap. The inside is smooth and flexible, molding the hat to the shape of the head, resulting in a fit that is comfortable enough for everyday use.

A Great Alternative or Addition to Hair Transplant Surgery

When considering more invasive hair restoration treatments such as FUT or FUE, the Capillus lasercap is a great potential alternative. Especially if you’re nervous about surgery, starting with a Capillus can feel less intimidating. LLLT therapy is completely pain-free and has no known risk of side effects. Even if you do decide to undergo hair transplantation, once you’ve healed from the initial procedure, LLLT lasercaps are a great way to encourage the transplanted follicles to regrow and flourish. 

However, the reason why you should really consider the Capillus over other lasercap products is that it is the only laser cap that has double-blind clinical trial data to back it up. If you visit you can view the full study. Prepare to have your mind blown! Within the non-placebo group, 95% of participants saw results in the way of increased hair count. Furthermore, within 16 weeks they reported an average of 51% more hair. That is a remarkable transformation in a short span of time.

You Don’t Have to Accept Balding 

It is a natural part of the aging process that hair follicles lose some of their viability and change in strength and texture. LLLT lasercaps offer a gentle and low-risk approach to counter the signs of aging. The Capillus RX 312 is only available from authorized sources such as hair restoration clinics. Whether used in combination with hair transplant procedures like FUT or FUE, or prescription hair loss medications, LLLT lasercaps like the Capillus offer a lot of promise that natural hair restoration is an attainable goal.

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