The CapillusRX312 Laser Hair Restoration Cap.

Don’t just take our word for it! The CapillusRX312 is trusted by physicians, praised by customers, and its ability to regrow hair is backed by clinical studies. The CapillusRX312 is a portable low-level laser therapy device. It is used to treat thinning hair due to genetic conditions like androgenic alopecia. and can also be used preventatively to stop the progression of hair loss. 

The CapillusRX312 utilizes low level laser therapy. LLLT is also known as red light therapy, cold laser therapy, soft laser therapy, bio-stimulation, and photobiomodulation. LLLT is a safe form of light treatment that has been used to treat many different health conditions including wound healing, dentistry, injury repair, and pain management. In fact, many people who use dental whitening kits like BrightBar may be familiar with the benefits of cold light therapy.

LLLT is most often applied for the purposes of augmenting tissue repair and promoting the regeneration of different nerves and tissues. Use may prevent further tissue damage. This is why LLLT is so helpful in treating conditions such as hair loss and thinning hair.

How Does LLLT Work?

LLLT uses healing laser diodes that emit lightwaves that stimulate a biological process below the surface of the skin. The infrared light of the laser increases cellular energy. This type of laser is referred to as “cold” because it does not cause any thermal change to the skin tissue. These types of lasers are safe for long-term use. Some of the benefits of low level laser therapy include increased cellular energy by up to 150%.

LLLT stimulates cell repair and proliferation, increasing the reproduction of hair and skin cells. It also helps activate dormant hair follicles, upregulating growth factors and stimulating new growth. Additionally, Capillus boasts anti-inflammatory effects. It’s helpful for men and women who experience hair loss because one of the causes is thought to be inflammation of the hair bulbs.

LLLT devices like the CapillusRX312 promote increased hair growth, as well as increase thickness of the individual strands. The current standard treatments for hair loss include topical treatments such as minoxidil and finasteride which come in both topical and oral medications. Current research indicates that the best results for hair growth are achieved when multiple complementary treatments are applied. For example, using minoxidil and/or finasteride in conjunction with the CapillusRX312 will increase your odds of achieving the full head of hair you’ve been longing for.

Using CapillusRX312 Lasercap Compared to Hair Transplants

If you compare it with the cost of hair transplantation, the Capillus312 is considerably more affordable. It also has the advantage of providing the customer with the most minimal time commitment of any laser cap. Many of its competitors require 20 minutes or more for treatment, while the Capillus only requires 6 minutes per day. You can expect to see increased hair growth anywhere between 12 to 26 weeks into a regular treatment routine. Users are likely to see increased hair growth on the top of the head and crown, as well as along the hairline of the forehead. 

Even though low level laser therapy is generally considered safe, it is still contraindicated for certain conditions. This includes epilepsy. Also, if the patient has a pacemaker. If the patient is pregnant or lactating, ask a doctor. The same goes for those suffering from active skin cancer. Finally, those with hypersensitivity to light should avoid. If you are undergoing low level light therapy, it’s important to protect yourself from UV exposure. Avoid tanning beds and wear sunscreen that is at least SPF 30+. Wear it on your face as well as any hairless areas of the scalp.  

Advances in low level laser therapy are continually happening, and the CapillusRX312 is the highest performing laser cap available in the world. It is only available for purchase through partnering physicians and hair clinics. This is helpful for you as a patient because you have professionals to consult with. They can answer questions, monitor your progress, and make recommendations to help you make the most of your treatments.

Trying CapillusRX312 is Worth It

The CapillusRX312 is designed with flexible, hypoallergenic materials. It will comfortably mold to the size of your head and is incredibly lightweight. Its high-capacity battery means it will hold a charge for long periods, making it ready for you to use hands-free. It can be worn discreetly under a ball cap, and its six-minute treatment cycle makes it easy to incorporate into even the busiest of schedules. 

The CapillusRX312 is made in the USA with the highest quality standards. Additionally, they offer unmatched support for users. Additionally, Capillus Rx 312 offers a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. Furthermore, the CapillusRX comes with a lithium-ion battery pack, travel case, accessories pouch, and a universal AC adapter. Some of our competitors require their customers to purchase accessories such as chargers separately. Or they offer a very limited warranty of 6 months or no warranty at all.

CapillusRX312 Requires Consistent Use 

Hair restoration is a process that will require patience and consistency on your part. If you use your CapillusRX312 you can expect to wait a few months to see results. It can be helpful to take photos to document your progress, as well as to keep a reminder of where you started. If you notice a little bit of extra hair shedding in the first three months of treatment, don’t panic. This is actually a sign that the treatment is working, it indicates that new hairs are pushing out the older ones, to make way for new growth. You might experience some itching at this point in the process. In the next three to six months you will start to notice decreased hair loss.

But the real reason the CapillusRX312 is the best laser cap available is that it is the only laser cap product that has double-blind clinical trial data to back it up. Within the group of study participants that used the non-placebo device, 95% of the participants saw an increased hair count. Within just 16 weeks the user’s reported increased hair count average was 51% more hair. These results are astonishing and offer a lot of promise to those who have been struggling with hair loss.

At LaserCap Me, we not only offer the best laser cap product available in the world, but we are also it to our customers at the best price. We are currently offering an instant rebate of $1000 for customers who decide to participate in our Before and After photo study. Participants will regularly document their hair restoration progress. Contact us to learn more about why the CapillusRX312 is the best laser cap available.

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