On your search for hair restoration products, you’ve likely stumbled upon LLLT and laser caps. This may include the Capillus 312 RX offered by Laser Cap Me and Best Hair Transplant in California. Laser Cap Me offers the industry-leading hair restoration laser cap, available only at clinical hair restoration facilities like Best Hair Transplant and Regen LA. However, like many high-quality products, Capillus 312 has many imitators. Some are cheap knockoff laser caps. Others are straight counterfeits.

While the Capillus 312 is made here in the U.S., many of these offenders originate in China. There are few if any standards or regulations in China. Upon closer inspection, you may notice cheap parts falling off, quick wear and tear, and suspicious smells. Additionally, if you aren’t careful, these caps can actually hurt you. However, American companies must follow strict guidelines and maintain quality control. This includes all FDA-cleared Capillus products offered at Laser Cap Me.

Stay Away From Knockoff Laser Caps!

All too often, these counterfeit caps have just 1/10th the power of Capillus 312. Of course, this is despite advertisements stating otherwise. Remember! The Capillus 312 is only available from hair restoration clinics and doctors. Capillus is the only producer of the 312 laser diode device.

Additionally, many online retailers try to pawn off cheap laser devices with a reported 272 diodes. Of course, these are less effective than the 312 diodes offered in the Capillus 312. However, there’s more. These knockoff devices frequently don’t deliver on the power promised by their laser caps.

They may include lights and not lasers at all! Should you purchase a poor quality or faulty laser cap, you have no guarantee and no financial recourse. You’re just out the money. Worst yet, you’re still experiencing hair loss and will need to consider other hair loss options.

While the price may seem enticing, don’t let yourself be taken advantage of. At Laser Cap Me, we hear about it all the time. And let’s be frank… IT SUCKS! Assuming they’re getting a great deal on a comparable device, victims of this scam spend a good chunk of money. What do they get in return?

At best, a device that fails to deliver the results. At worst, a knockoff Chinese laser cap can cause damage to the scalp. Poorly-calibrated caps may emit wavelengths that damage your already thinning hair. Prolonged exposure to these wavelengths may cause your scalp to peel, your hair to fall out, and your skin to age. Additionally, you could damage your eyes. Don’t risk it!

The Worst Online Offenders

The plague of knockoff LLLT devices is no secret if you spend some time doing your homework. They’re all over the internet. Their products have not been rigorously tested by acceptable clinical standards. They have not been FDA-cleared and have not been proven to be safe. Be wary of their suspiciously-low prices. There’s a good reason. And if something is too good to be true, it usually is.

Some of the worst offenders selling knockoff laser caps include:

  • Yanuo
  • FunWill
  • ReHair Laser
  • HairGuru
  • Ebay sellers

A Clinically Proven Treatment

Capillus RX312 has been independently-reviewed in double-blind clinical trials. These have been registered on ClinicalTrials.gov and were managed by a neutral third party. Additionally, clinical trials indicate LLLT use on the scalp every other day significantly improves hair counts by 51%. Benefits of the genuine Capillus 312 include:

  • 312 high power laser diodes
  • FDA-cleared
  • 6 minutes per day
  • 5-year warranty
  • Made in the U.S.
  • 95% effective

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for knockoff laser caps offered at other online retailers. They are in the business of deceiving you and profiting off that deception. First of all, they are not FDA-cleared like Capillus 312. As noted previously, these laser caps will outright lie about the number of diodes or the power of the device. Secondly, they may try to lead you astray with deceptive marketing tactics. Finally, reviews on their sites may be written by bots or hired companies.

A search for “Capillus RX 312” performed by Laser Cap Me turned up ads selling knockoff 272 diode caps. Seriously! Don’t be fooled! You’ll waste your time and money. These companies are simply trying to capitalize on your desire to restore your hair. Don’t let them take advantage of you. Trust the advice of your hair transplant doctor or hair restoration doctor. Choose the Capillus 312 from Laser Cap Me for your hair restoration needs.

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