Looking to Restore Lost Hair with a Laser Cap?

Unlike earlier models of the Capillus, the CapillusRX 312 is designed as a laser cap by physicians only. This means that, unlike other Capillus devices, you cannot purchase this laser cap online. You can’t purchase Capillus through most websites, or through retailers like Amazon. The CapillusRX 312 can only be purchased through doctors, dermatologists, and hair clinics that partner with Capillus. You do not need a prescription for these devices. 

Capillus does produce other devices that are available for purchase commercially. The CapillusUltra is the most value-priced option. It has an energy output of 410mW total for great scalp coverage. The density of lasers impacts the density of hair in the future. The more lasers per square inch, the more results you will be able to see in each area. This device only requires 6 minutes a day of use and comes with accessories that include a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack, an adhesive belt clip for the battery pack, a universal AC adapter for international use, a sports cap, a lightweight carrying case, and an accessories pouch.

Some Capillus Models Available Online & In Stores

The CapillusPlus model is a mid-range device that features 1010 mW total energy output. It has 2.5 times the amount of lasers as the CapillusUltra. It comes with the same accessories as the Ultra as well. Both products come with a 1-year warranty.

The CapillusPro model is their premier device featuring 1360 mW energy output. This is 3.3x the number of lasers in the CapillusUltra. The CapillusPro has be cleared by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of androgenic alopecia as well as promoting hair growth in males with Norwood Hamilton classification of pattern hair loss, and females who have a Ludwig (Savin) Scale Class I through Class II patterns of hair loss. It has been tested for both genders with Fitzpatrick skin types I to IV.

A Laser Cap By Physicians Only

The CapillusRX 312 is the most powerful laser cap by physicians only. While it does not require a prescription, it can only be purchased directly through doctors, dermatologists, or hair clinics. This is because the CapillusRX 312 is the most powerful laser cap device to date. It has 312 prescription-strength laser diodes, the most of any laser cap available on the market today. This gives you lots of advantages as a patient, and by purchasing your CapillusRX through a licensed professional, you have a trusted source to consult with. We can answer your questions, monitor progress, and make recommendations for complementary practices that will help you make the most of your treatments. 

All of the Capillus caps are designed with flexible, hypoallergenic materials for a comfortable fit. It will mold comfortably to the shape of your head, and the caps are very light weight. They come with high capacity batteries that will hold a charge for long periods, meaning you can wear the cap for multiple treatment sessions between chargings. Wear Capillus caps under a ballcap or your favorite hat. You can even do your laser treatments, hands-free and on the go with no one being the wiser that you’re wearing a laser cap device. With only 6 minutes a day needed for treatments, it’ll be easy to incorporate your laser device routine into your busy schedule.

Hair Restoration is a Process 

Hair restoration is a process that will require patience and consistency on your part. If you use your CapillusRX312 you can expect to wait a few months to see results. It can be helpful to take photos to document your progress, as well as to keep a reminder of where you started. If you notice a little bit of extra hair shedding in the first three months of treatment, don’t panic. This is actually a sign that the treatment is working, it indicates that new hairs are pushing out the older ones, to make way for new growth. You might experience some itching at this point in the process. This is the arrector pili muscles that surround the hair follicles. In the next three to six months you will start to notice decreased hair loss as well as improved growth.

The CapillusRX312 is the best laser cap available because it is the only laser cap product that has double-blind clinical trial data to back it up. Within the group of study participants that used the non-placebo device, 95% of the participants saw an increased hair count. Within just 16 weeks the user’s reported increased hair count average was 51% more hair. These results are astonishing and offer a lot of promise to those who have been struggling with hair loss.

Get the Capillus Laser Cap by Physicians Only

At Laser Cap Me we not only offer the best laser cap product available in the world, but we are also it to our customers at the best price. We are currently offering an instant rebate of $1000 for customers who decide to participate in our Before and After photo study. Participants will regularly document their hair restoration progress through photography with the purpose of sharing these photos so prospective patients can see what kind of results are typical of these treatments.

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