A laser hair restoration hat is a great option for anyone looking to restore lost hair. Millions of Americans experience hair loss every year for various reasons. Luckily there are options that have shown to offer greater, long-lasting results that far surpass the results achieved using Finasteride and/or Minoxidil alone.

Hair loss just plain sucks and not everyone has the money to get a hair transplant procedure. Trust us, you’re not alone. If you’re interested in hair restoration but aren’t ready for surgery, using the Capillus laser hair restoration hat may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

The Very Best Laser Hair Restoration Hat

Haven’t heard of Capillus before? The Capillus laser hair restoration hat is the top-of-the-line LLLT device on the market. When you order the Capillus 312 RX from Laser Cap Me, you’ll be getting the best of the best in laser hair restoration technology. And it gets even better. Laser Cap Me offers the highest grade laser hair restoration cap that Capillus makes.

Capillus 312 is only available at select locations because it is a prescription-grade lasercap. Most other laser hair restoration hats on the market do not offer comparable concentrations of laser diodes. Many offer less than 100, most offer a maximum of 272. Some lesser “laser caps” aren’t even laser caps! They may be using LED lights. And keep this in mind… LEDs DO NOT HELP WITH HAIR GROWTH!

Furthermore, Capillus 312 has been independently-reviewed in double-blind clinical trials. These have been registered on ClinicalTrials.gov. Additionally, low-level laser therapy provided by the Capillus 312 laser hair restoration hat, significantly improved hair counts in those study participants who used the active (non-placebo) device. In other words, the Capillus is a proven way (backed by FDA clearance) that can help you regrow your lost hair now! So don’t wait, you’ve only got more hair to lose. Stop hair loss today with Capillus 312 from Laser Cap Me.

Unbeatable Laser Hair Restoration Hat Prices

Right now, Laser Cap Me is offering the highest grade laser cap created in the US for $1,000 off MSRP. That’s $1,000 off the price offered at chain clinic Hair Club. This prescription-grade LLLT device is only offered on sites run by hair restoration clinics.

On Laser Cap Me, if you click on our Prices tab, you’ll see that we list the Capillus 312 for the MSRP of $3,500. However, we’re offering $1,000 off right now! All you have to do is participate in our Before & After study. It’s super easy to do! Just contact us and we’ll guide you through the process. By participating, you’ll save $1,000 off a genuine Capillus RX 312 laser cap.

Again, this is the highest grade US-made LLLT device you can get. And you going to be saving $1,000 off the prices of the prescription-grade laser cap that’s not available on Amazon or eBay. If you’re interested, please get ahold of us and we’ll tell you how to save a ton of money and how to start restoring your hair without surgical procedure.

Call Us for Your Capillus Lasercap

Why wait? Contact us today to ask about the Capillus 312 laser device. If you’re not sure, call us so we can have a free virtual consultation with you to discuss your available options and how laser hair therapy may be beneficial for your unique hair loss situation and hair restoration goals.

Laser Cap Me offers better prices for the Capillus RX 312 laser hair restoration hat than you can find for a lesser grade device. So what are you waiting for? Stop hair loss now! Contact us or visit our store to purchase your Capillus 312.

You can reach us at 213-403-0455, or send us an email. You can also find out further details by visiting our clinic’s site Best Hair Transplant.