What can you expect from LLLT Capillus Before and After lasercap results for women? Hair loss can be a painful experience and becomes more commonplace as we age.  LLLT capillus before and after results that have been documented offer a lot of women struggling with hair loss hope of significant hair restoration. In this article, we will discuss some of the root causes of female hair loss, and how the LLLT capillus lasercap can help to improve this condition.

Hair Loss & Women – What You Should Know 

Female hair loss can be caused by multiple factors that include genetics, aging, hormonal changes, nutrient deficiencies, topical skin conditions, hair styling methods, and reactions to medication or chemotherapy. Androgenic alopecia is also known as pattern baldness and affects both women and men. It is thought to be polygenic, meaning that more than one gene contributes to hair loss. Furthermore, patterns of hair loss tend to differ between the sexes. For men pattern baldness presents with a receding hairline that forms a horseshoe shape, or hair loss will begin at the crown of the head. For women hair loss tends to express in more of a diffuse pattern, meaning hair will tend to thin throughout the scalp overall. 

Each person has a fixed amount of hair follicles throughout their scalp. Hair goes through a natural cycle of growing, resting, and shedding. During the anagen, or growth phase, the hair will grow for about 3 years at a rate of approximately one centimeter per month. From there the hair dies, entering the catagen phase. This is followed by a resting or telogen phase where the hair stops growing.

Then the cycle repeats again, the old hair sheds as the new hairs grow in their place, and another round of the anagen phase begins. It’s totally natural and normal for people to lose between 50-100 hair per day. When female pattern baldness is present changes to the hair occur because the hair follicles begin to shrink over time. As the hair follicles shrink the hair grows less quickly and tends to be shorter, finer, and more prone to breakage. Over time the follicle continues to shrink until it stops producing hair altogether.

When Do Women Notice Hair Loss?

Some women may see the onset of pattern hair loss as early as puberty. However, this is rare. Women may also experience hair loss as a result of hormone changes after pregnancy or during menopause. Other causes of hair loss include reactions to certain birth control medications, iron deficiency anemia, or even stressful life events. Imbalances in the thyroid are another cause. Overstyling the hair with harsh products and heat styling tools, or wearing the hair in heavy braids or ponytails can also cause thinning hair. The stress and weight of the styling practices can put a strain on the hair follicle, causing excessive hair fall. 

Hair loss in women is not simply a cosmetic concern, it can cause a significant amount of emotional and psychological distress as well. Society puts a lot of pressure on women to display a youthful appearance to be attractive and long hair has a lot of associations with traditional expectations of femininity. Hair loss in women can trigger feelings of low self-esteem, depression, introversion, and feelings of unattractiveness. This can interfere with a woman’s desire to be social or to feel confident in the workplace. 

LLLT or low-level laser therapy uses laser diodes that emit light in the infrared range to increase circulation to the scalp and hair follicles. This improves blood flow and cell metabolism, increasing growth and hair health overall. It can even boost melanin production, reducing the number of grey hairs. Pretty amazing right? The lasers also stimulate the sebaceous glands that produce the natural oils on our skin and hair. This can increase the hair’s shine and improve its thickness and texture.

LLLT Capillus Before and After Results Women Might Expect

When it comes to lasercaps the CapillusRX 312 is top of the line. It comes with 312 prescription-grade laser diodes that give the scalp maximum coverage. The LLLT capillus before and after results a pretty stunning. The CapillusRX 312 is the only lasercap that’s been independently reviewed in a double-blind study managed by a third party. In this study, 95% of subjects that used the non-placebo device for 16 weeks saw increased hair growth. Additionally, these participants saw their hair density increase by an average of 51%. The best part? No adverse side effects were reported. You can view the full study at clinicaltrial.gov. 

The CapillusRX 312 is easy to incorporate into your daily self-care routine. Treatments only require 6 minutes a day, and the device can be worn hands-free, thanks to its portable battery pack. The device comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack, an adhesive belt clip to carry the battery pack, a universal AC adapter with 4 interchangeable input blades so that it can be used internationally, a sports cap to conceal the device, and a lightweight carrying case. The cap itself is made from flexible, hypoallergenic materials, and the lasercap can be worn discreetly under a ball cap.

LLLT Capillus Before and After Typical Female Results

As far as LLLT capillus before and after results, it is typical for it to take around 2 months for the results to be visible. The longer you continue treatment, the more hair growth you will experience. It is important to note that treatment must remain consistent in order to maintain your results. If you stop using the LLLT capillus you will start to lose any hair you’ve regrown after a few months. Your hair will return to the same patterns of thinning as before you began lasercap therapy.   

The CapillusRX 312 is the most powerful lasercap available on the market at present. It has the largest number of prescription-grade lasers on any lasercap. Unlike invasive surgical procedures such as hair transplantation, laser therapy from the capillus is less expensive and completely pain-free. LLLT capillus before and after results offer a log of promise for women looking for a gentle and effective solution to hair loss.

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