Ladies, we know this must be difficult for you. Much more so than it is for men. Society has high beauty standards as it is, and being a woman can be hard enough without having to add hair loss to your list of injustices and double standards. To make matters tougher, most hair loss tricks and treatments are specifically marketed to men. But there is an answer for women experiencing thinning hair. All around the country, women stop hair loss with Capillus lasercaps.

Both Males and Females Experience Hair Loss

Truth be told, more men than women may develop androgenous alopecia over their lifetimes. However, that’s no excuse to overlook half the planetary population. And while it’s more socially acceptable for men to go bald, all the male-focused ads can really alienate you and make you feel like somehow there’s something wrong with you personally. That is not the case. Everyone is potentially susceptible to hair loss.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, “It is estimated that more than 50% of women will experience noticeable hair loss.” You’re not alone, and there is help. The principles behind hair growth treatments are generally universal, with few exceptions, so what works on men will most likely work for you, too. How do women stop hair loss? Women stop hair loss with Capillus. Before we address that, let’s briefly discuss the causes of female hair loss, and how red light therapy works.

How Red Light Therapy Helps With Female Hair Loss

Female hair loss is caused by a variety of suspects. For some, it’s a simple and often overlooked vitamin deficiency. For others, it could be extreme dieting or a hairstyle that puts unnecessary strain on your hair, like tight ponytails, cornrows, or braids. Maybe it’s chemotherapy. Some hair loss can be temporary if due to stress, gastric surgery, or pregnancy. With that said, it never hurts to consult your physician or local hair restoration experts to see which options may be best for your situation.

One of the popular options many people consider before hair transplant surgery is red light therapy (or RLT). Red light therapy was discovered in 1967 when Endre Mester, a scientist working with shaved mice, noticed that exposure to low levels of laser light caused the mice’s hair to grow back faster than usual. Seeing the potential for human treatment, many other scientists continued developing low-level light therapy (or LLLT) until finally in 2011, the FDA cleared the first laser hair therapy caps for women. LLLT helps women stop hair loss with Capillus, the most prominent developer of these caps.

Some of the most common downfalls of hair growth in women and men are inflammation and poor circulation. Red light therapy is a form of LLLT that uses red or near-infrared spectrum light to increase blood flow and decrease inflammation to allow your hair follicles to grow without that interference. By improving circulation, more oxygen reaches your hair follicles. As a result, your cells can make more ATP (our bodies’ most vital energy source). This increase in energy allows your body to do more than it has been, and that includes growing more hair.

How Women Stop Hair Loss With Capillus

The Capillus RX 312 is the premium RLT device on the market, and the best laser hair growth cap yet. It appears to be just a regular baseball cap that says Capillus on it, but underneath are 312 LEDs specifically designed to help hair grow. Finally, we can help women stop hair loss with Capillus! It’s only available from hair transplant centers and physicians, so you’ll want to contact the specialists in your area.

According to Best Hair Transplant of Redondo Beach, “The Capillus laser hair restoration device has been clinically tested, independently reviewed by third parties, and has been FDA cleared for the treatment of hereditary hair loss and androgenetic alopecia in both men and women.” Additionally, they note “over 95% of patients show increases in hair count in as little as 17 weeks!” That is a massive majority and a relatively short window of your life!

Now that we’ve explained how you and other women stop hair loss with Capillus, you can get this wonderful device from Laser Cap Me. Don’t spend too much of the rest of your life worrying about your hair. Laser Cap Me makes it our mission to help women stop hair loss with Capillus. Get a free consultation from the experts, and treat yourself!

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