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Why does hair loss occur?


Only 90 % of hair on your scalp grows continuously. The other 10 % of hair cycles through a resting phase that lasts about 2 – 3 months. When the resting phase is done the hair sheds and is replaced by a new hair grown by the same follicle. If a follicle is unhealthy, this process doesn’t transpire properly and hair loss occurs.

Hair loss can be caused by old age, an abnormal change in hormonal patterns, genetics, illness, or trauma. Many people believe poor circulation, vitamin deficiencies, and hat wearing can cause hair loss, but these are just myths.

No matter the cause of your hair loss, it is crucial to start treatment as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more difficult treatment becomes. Luckily, the laser device hair loss solution encourages hair growth and rejuvenates already present hair at an affordable price.

What is Laser Hair Therapy Treatment?

M.I.T. trained optical physicist David Smith, PhD and Michael Rabin, MD, invented the Laser Cap. With help from Harvard-based photo medicine specialist Michael Hamblin, PhD and a famous hair restoration physician named Robert Haber, MD, their product became a great success. Many doctors worldwide choose to treat their patients with the LaserCap® because it is proven to be safe and effective.

By offering a portable laser helmet with many lasers, the inventors gave hope to many hair loss patients who weren’t interested in several doctor’s appointments per week.

Low Level Laser Therapy had a bad reputation in the past because it was extremely expensive and time consuming. This product banished these stereotypes and made LLLT a highly sought after hair loss solution.

What We Offer…

These devices have over 200 lasers. We believe that both devices are extremely effective. If you contact us now to buy the LaserCap®, we will automatically upgrade your purchase for FREE. We will also take $500 off your purchase of the LaserCap® if you are interested in participating in an ongoing study we are conducting as well as give you a 3 month supply of Revivogen. Call for special pricing on the Capillus®

FDA Approval of Capillus

The Capillus 272 is a medical device that has been cleared by the FDA for the treatment of androgenic alopecia in adults. It is available only through physicians who have evaluated each patient case. All patient inquiries we receive through this website are followed up with a thorough evaluation by Dr. Ron Chao, M.D.

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Absolutely amazing! My hair is so much thicker and more dense. People remark I look so much better!


Flagstaff, AZ

I didn’t know what to do about my thinning hair. Then I found laser therapy. Goodbye hats and scarves, hello sunshine and freedom!


Beverly Hills, CA

I couldn’t believe the results I got! I feel great! I’m so glad I found this before I lost more hair.


Chicago, IL


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