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How Well Does the Capillus Hair Cap Really Work?

An authentic Capillus hair cap can treat baldness and help regrow lost hair in 95% of both men and women experiencing hair loss.

Details About Our Capillus 312 $1,000 Instant Cash Back Subsidy Offer

Learn everything you need to know about Laser Cap Me’s Capillus RX 312 $1,000 Before & After study and our instant cash back offer.

Have You Heard of the Capillus 312 Laser Cap?

Have you heard of the Capillus 312 laser cap? This amazing hair restoration hat can help restore your lost hair without drugs or surgery.

Capillus 312 RX – The Best Laser Cap on the Market

The Capillus 312 RX LLLT device is the best laser cap on the market and it’s only available from online clinics like Laser Cap Me.

Get $1000 Cash Back On Your New Capillus Laser Cap

Laser Cap Me is the only online retailer of the Capillus RX 312 that offers a $1000 cash back rebate on a new Capillus laser cap.

Laser Cap vs Capillus: Is There a Difference?

Many hair loss sufferers who want to avoid surgery look toward laser hair restoration. Find out what’s best: laser cap vs Capillus.

Can LED Light Stop Balding and Help Regrow Lost Hair?

LED light has not been proven to stop balding or regrow lost hair. Only LLLT devices have been FDA-cleared for hair growth.

Can a Laser Hair Restoration Hat Stop My Hair Loss?

There are many options when combatting hair loss. Using a laser hair restoration hat may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

The Top 3 Ways You Can Stop Hair Loss Without Surgery

Are you losing your hair? Find out the top 3 ways you can stop hair loss in its tracks and start regrowing your lost hair.

Instant Rebate on Capillus RX 312 – $1000 Less Than Hair Club!

Receive a $1,000 rebate from Laser Cap Me on the prescription-grade Capillus RX 312. That’s a $1000 savings compared to Hair Club!

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